January 27, 2011

Texas Libraries

Dear Library Supporter,

Take action now and click on SAVE LIBRARY PROGRAMS to send an email to your legislators. You can customize your message to describe the negative impact of budget cuts. The time for action is now!

Ask your friends, neighbors, support groups, and everyone you can think of to send messages as well. Distribute this call to action through social media and any other tools at your disposal. We need tens of thousands of messages to go forward, and we need your help getting this message to our stakeholders across the state.

As you may already know, the proposed state budget:

  • Eliminates Loan Star Libraries (direct aid grants to public libraries)
  • Eliminates all state funding for TexShare databases
  • Eliminates the K-12 Database Program
  • Eliminates the Library System Negotiated Grants Program
  • Eliminates state funding for statewide library development
  • Eliminates state funding for the state depository program and TRAIL program
  • Assumes an overall loss of over $8 million in IMLS funds (Note: federal funding is the source of funding for the regional library systems, the TANG program, and interlibrary loan.)
  • Eliminates the Technology Allotment at TEA
  • Eliminates funding for the State Law Library

Without a restoration of library funding, Texas will have no state infrastructure for library services. Compounded with massive cuts proposed at the local level throughout the state, Texas libraries are in danger. We need you and every single library supporter in Texas to write elected officials to oppose cuts to libraries and urge the restoration of funding for library services.

Gloria Meraz

Texas Library Association


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