February 9, 2011

RIP Bob Gold

(Bob and Baby a few months ago)

Our cat Bob took very ill late last night. This afternoon, on a cruel winter day filled with snow and a blistering wind, we said goodbye to him at the vet's office.

(Bob waiting for a belly rub in December)

We're all very sad at the loss of Bob T. Cat., one of the coolest and most handsome of cats ever. Sweet but weird, and therefore an oh-so-fitting member of our little family.

Rest in peace, Bob. You shall be missed.


shayera said...

So sorry to hear about about your loss.

Laurie Gold said...

Thanks. It came as such a shock. We've lost cats before, but always after lengthy illnesses. He seemed fine until yesterday.

CindyS said...

Oh Laurie, that's the hardest way. Again, so sorry.


Myretta said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Laurie. I know how hard it is to lose a furry member of the family.

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