January 21, 2011

Okay, Maybe Not So Much

After signing off yesterday, I never got to that Word outline tutorial because when I went back into Blackboard to see if my professor had responded to my email, I learned two things. The first was that, as she reminded me, our assignment could deal with a special library, and what I'd proposed was the Fine Books Collection within the Main Dallas Library, which means I'll need to pick again. The second was that when I'd worked through that lesson yesterday, it must have been too early in the day because now it was longer...and there were two associated assignments and one self-assessment test connected to it. Oy.

I spent the next few hours going through the entire thing, reworking my outline from start to finish, adding to it, moving things around, etc., based on the "new" lesson, then performed my first self-assessment (I scored a perfect 100% even though I guessed on one of the questions because as far as I could see, it was not covered in the online lesson, which means I'll be going back into the material again today to discover if I somehow missed it the first time around...not a strong testament to my note-taking/outline-making abilities). Next up was answering one of five questions in an online discussion board based on the material, followed by answering another question via email to the professor.

It was nearly ten in the evening before I turned off my laptop and got ready for bed. As I brushed my teeth I realized I'd spent far too long working on this first day's work and will need to work smarter and more quickly. After signing off here, I'll be checking out the websites of three other libraries and possibly contacting them, then I'll return to yesterday's material about the data I somehow missed.



Debbie F. said...

As always, Laurie, your work ethic leaves me in awe. However, I am not surprised! I hope that the time you put into updating this blog will prove helpful to you in organizing your thoughts and providing an emotional "dumping place." I think it will be interesting for you to look back on the early entries as you finish each semester and evaluate your progess. It is certainly interesting to me! Like you, I spent a lot of time in school and was pretty successful...but I have forgotten how hard it was! Or is that my old age talking?

Laurie Gold said...

My work ethic is both good and bad. I never give up, but I'm a workaholic, Type-A personality constantly striving for perfection in an imperfect world. And I actually think that with the advances in technology, it's more complex and thereby more difficult today than it was when I went through this the first time.

I did finally choose a library, but had to convince the head to allow me access. It took emails and phone conversations and cajoling and so forth and she's still not thrilled. Then I worked on the demographic material for library system's population and worked through its website for services and information. It's now nearly seven in the evening and I'm turning off my laptop.

I laid the ground-work for a huge chunk of this project, but am left with the interviews, policy and budget review, and how to format all the material properly with roughly a two-week turnaround. I remain overwhelmed despite my progress today but am hopeful I'll catch on.