October 1, 2010

Believe Twitter Habit Under Control

After a week of restraint, I believe my Twitter habit is under control. So I'm cautiously tweeting again, but will no longer be a maniac about it. No more tweeting every review I post, every newspaper article of interest, or every clever thought to pop into my head. I do like the idea of using foursquare/tweeting when traveling, but not making myself crazy with #ff's or simply posting five tweets in a row after reading the New York Times. Hopefully this will have been a good lesson learned, or I'll just have to re-ban myself in the future.

Some 400 people are signed up as my Twitter followers, and more lists than I can comprehend tune in to my inanities as well. Only 20 or so of you visit this blog, which I'll continue to use for the majority of what I want to share with the world. I may be writing almost entirely for myself, but I find I'm my best audience anyway. <g> Do I wish more people read what I write here? Yeah, but if it hasn't caught on in six months, I accept that there just aren't many people interested in my meanderings. So be it. But thank you for taking time out during your day to stop by for a visit.


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