October 1, 2010

Breathless by Anne Stuart


Anne Stuart

Grade: A-

Stuart's House of Rohan series marks a spectacular return to the level of historicals she wrote in the 1990s, only with darker heroes, stronger heroines, and more divine love scenes. That last - the love scenes - concerned me a little because a lengthy seduction took a large chunk out of Reckless' word count and I worried that Breathless might over-do it. I have nothing against a well-written love scene of any length, but in too many series the love scenes get out of hand with each successive installment. Not to worry...while sex plays a large part in the storyline and there's lots of frank language, this book actual dials back the lovemaking, leaving more delicious spider/fly, cat/mouse action.

Read this review in its entirety at Amazon. It is not a Vine review; I received a digital copy from the publisher.

Breathless, btw, is my fourth Anne Stuart DIK, which moves her up on my list of multiple DIK authors. Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb has earned the most, with eleven to her credit, followed closely by Julie Garwood, with nine. Next is Catherine Coulter, with five, although she earned all five from me in the first year or so that I read romance. Very nearly the same can be said for Julie Garwood, which means that of my most-favored authors, only Stuart and Roberts/Robb continue to make this list grow.



CindyS said...

I just skimmed your review because I haven't read this one yet. I read the first and enjoyed it and have the next two but I'm kind of waiting to see what's coming. Anne Stuart mentioned she has a book out in February but under a different pen name which has me wondering what is going on! ;) Although I'm very excited - unless it's YA, then I will cry.


Laurie Gold said...

I have not heard about the new pen name. I will have to look into that. I think she has never sold enough to match her talent, and that may be why the name change. You might find Reckless too sexual, but she reigns it in nicely for this one, even though she's gotten some pretty crummy reviews for it. I think I'm going to be in a minority in loving this one, which is fine with me. When you read the rest of the series, let me know what you think.