August 8, 2010

House...and Bare Escentuals (Looking for some?)

When House first came on the air several years ago, it captivated my family. We loved the misanthropic House, and one of the very few things we did together during that time in our lives was sitting down to watch it every week. And then in its last moments an episode turned me off the show so profoundly I stopped watching.

Since Rachael came home for the summer, she's happily watched the House marathons that air Saturday nights on Bravo. Early this summer I worked closing most Saturdays and returned home most midnights to find her and her dad ensconced on the couch, catching up on what they'd missed over the years (and re-watching episodes they'd already seen).

While my interest level never returned to that pre-horrendous episode level - and regardless of the show's medical accuracy - I never returned to my original level of interest, as the summer progressed and bookstore hours became fewer and more far between, I started to join them for those Saturday night marathons. Even after Rachael "got a life," (hooray!) and was no longer home on Saturday nights, my husband and I continued the ritual.

Last night Rachael was home, and as my husband is preparing for trial, it was just the two of us on the couch. We were engrossed in the 11:00 episode, Meaning, co-starring Kathleen Quinlan (from that perfect summer flick, Lifeguard, with Sam Elliott at his hunkiest, and also the star of that Private Benjamin movie-of-the-week rip-off She's In the Army Now) and then that last moment happened...again. I jumped up off the couch and practically screamed at the TV: "Now I remember why I stopped watching this show!" Forget how House didn't need Cuddy's permission to give the patient a shot of cortisol, once in the last moments Wilson suggests keeping from House that the simple shot allowed a nearly vegitative man in a wheelchair to walk again after eight years and hug his wife and son because it would only feed his ego - and she agrees - I could no longer tolerate another second. My daughter, dumbfounded, was shocked at my "passionate" response, and since it was now midnight, I left her to her own devices but was too wound up to sleep.

Instead, I reorganized my make-up drawer. BTW, if any of you are looking for some never used, others rarely used, Bare Escentuals eye colors, let me know and I'll send you a list of what's available so I can mail your choices for a pittance...basically postage and perhaps a tiny bit more. While I'm keeping plenty, many of the colors I bought once upon a time are either too dark for me now, or aren't cool toned enough to really suit me (particularly now that I've bought several more suitable purple and gray shades from Aromaleigh in their going-out-of-business sale - thanks again for the tip last month, Suzi). I've got plenty of colors in the purple/plum range, as well as several pinkish toned colors.


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