August 8, 2010

Available BE

I decided to actually list the BE eye colors I have that I'd love to have find another home. All have been opened...I think...but most have never been used, or used once, and with clean brushes. If you are interested in any of these, please let me know and for postage and a pittance, I'll send it/them to you.

  • Enchanting glimpse - dusty pink (not currently available through BE)
  • Idol shadow - dusty/smokey purple color (not currently available through BE)
  • Sincerely, Donna glimmer - mauvey, beige with green iridescence (not currently available through BE)
  • Hyacinth glimpse - light silver lavender
  • Emotion glimmer - deep, cool-toned purple
  • Freedom shadow - medium teal-blue
  • Aubergine blush - described as shimmery rose pink, but to me it looks very warm toned (small sample size, yours for postage only)
  • Smokey Sequins liner shadow - dark, smokey violet purple with glitter, kit-sized
  • Praise glimpse - deep blue-gray
  • Plush Purple shadow - mulberry plum, kit-sized
  • 1990s glimmer - smokey plum
  • Ulta brand Amethyst eyeshadow - plum (very warm toned)


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