June 22, 2010

My Favorite New Commercial

Okay...I tend to skip most commercials. Just last night I told my husband about watching an oddly catchy ad before a movie my daughter and I went to see yesterday for a Kia, starring rapping hamsters. He could not believe I'd never seen the ad before, but generally when the TV is on, I'm either doing something else, or watching something I've TiVo'd. When I do the latter, I skip commercials entirely.

For some reason, though, last week a new ad for the Amazon Kindle came on TV and I watched it. I loved it. It points out the ease and simplicity of the device, illustrates that you can read content on your Kindle in bright sunlight - which cannot be done with backlit devices that shall remain nameless, and used the whimsical music of their first stop-motion ad. A simple, highly effective ad likely more effective now that they've cut the price to $189. Enjoy.


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