April 3, 2010

Jeremy Northam

I read in Entertainment Weekly last night that Jeremy Northam will be appearing in Miami Medical, a new television show. EW wasn't terribly impressed, but other reviewers make it sound promising. All I could think of, though, when I read Northam's name, is that I love him; the version of Emma he appears in with Gwyneth Paltrow is my favorite. I adored The Winslow Boy; anyone interested in sexual tension without so much as a kiss should watch the smoldering between Northam and Rebecca Pidgeon. That both he and Clive Owen appeared in Gosford Park should almost have been illegal...almost. I think he does for me what Colin Firth does for most Janeites (Colin Firth, btw, does absolutely nothing for me), and I have trouble seeing him in contemporary settings, which is probably why The Net did nothing for me while The Ideal Husband did.

Years ago I tucked away a magazine, an issue of the long-defunct Jane, I think, that featured Northam in bed, tossle-haired and sleepily sexy. Let me share it with you here...

And now, it's time to get ready for work tonight. It's my first shift in something like two weeks, and I'm ever-so thankful that the virus I suffered with during the week has mostly abated as of today.


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