April 30, 2010

Apology for Being an Asshole

I've felt kind of queasy since posting my first blog entry yesterday. I sound like an asshole in it, and apologize. I won't delete it because part of owning up to being an asshole is leaving the proof behind...otherwise I'd simply be adding another layer of assholeness to being an asshole. And because I really like that Daily Show clip of Jon Stewart on App-Holes, I've embedded it here. Please be patient...it takes a while to buffer.



CindyS said...

Being Canadian I can't see the clip but could search it out - I'm just too tired right now.

I read your post and it occurred to me that you missed your calling because they pay people oodles of money to spot upcoming trends or fads. I'm thinking that gift won't fade fast ;)


Donna Lea Simpson said...

Don't see any assholiness in that blog entry, Laurie!

Laurie G said...

Thanks, Donna, but such patting myself on the back is kinda obnoxious. It may derive from neediness, but what comes across is "asshole."