April 29, 2010

Aren't I Too Old for This?

Last night Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show with a segment entitled App-Holes, which I found entirely appropriate. Like me, he loves certain Apple things, but like me, he thinks it's kinda bizarro-worldish that Steve Jobs has become the new Bill Gates will Bill Gates has become the greatest philanthropist on the planet. He went so far as to call Steve Jobs "the man," something my daughter did not appreciate.

The segment was laugh-out-loud funny, and well worth watching. But my blog for today isn't specifically about it. Instead, it's about feeling as though I'm too old to be a trend-watcher. Right?

Whether it's an esoteric TV show, a genre (steampunk) of books, or...something, I often find that after I begin to pay attention to something very early on, it's something that catches on, or catches the imagination of others, within a short period. If I were in my 20s or even 30s, I'd better understand it, but I'm in my late 40s, lead a fairly mundane life, am totally not cool, yet it's as strong as ever. Aren't I too old for this?


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