October 14, 2011

Forced Hiatus

A couple of months ago I injured my shoulder. I thought it was a pulled muscle, but when it didn't get better itself, I finally went to a doctor a few weeks ago, who put me on Celebrex. Earlier this week she sent me to a specialist, who diagnosed me and prescribed a month's worth of physical therapy on top of the Celebrex. The shoulder issue radiates pain down my upper arm to just below my elbow, and typing exacerbates the situation. As a result I'm trying to stay offline as much as possible; most of my posting for the past several weeks has been via my Droid, simply linking to various articles on FB and Twitter.

I hope to be back to full strength shortly; if not, I'll be getting a cortisone shot at the very least (epidurals were mentioned). Once I'm back to normal, look for me to start posting here again, and to return to Heroes & Heartbreakers; I have two articles I stopped mid-way through. Even more frustrating is that reading a print book makes the discomfort worse, so on top of everything, I'm depressed that my favorite pastime now hurts (the irony being that it's how I read that led to the injury over a long period of time in the first place). My Kindle is getting a major workout, but that doesn't help with the PW books I've been assigned to review as none so far have been in digital format.

Anyway, here's to hoping my forced hiatus ends soon.


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