September 15, 2011

New at H&H: Fresh Meat: Theresa Weir's Orchard

Online from me today at Heroes & Heartbreakers

Fresh Meat: Theresa Weir's Orchard (excerpted below)


My criticism of romances filled with darkness often goes something like this: “The book’s unrelenting darkness went entirely over the top and into melodrama, piling one bad thing onto another. Real people’s lives are not the Perils of Pauline.”

After reading Theresa Weir’s new memoir, The Orchard, I may be forced to revise that criticism. Apparently one bad thing after another can befall a person. The question I want to read it?

Please click here to read my new Fresh Meat in full. Feel free to comment on The Orchard, Theresa Weir, or memoirs in general at H&H once you've read it.


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