August 3, 2011

New at H&H: Lauren Dane's Troubled Heroines

Online today from me at Heroes & Heartbreakers: Lauren Dane’s Troubled Heroines and Their Sexual Freedom. I'll let you know up front: It's pretty long, but it includes discussion of half a dozen books. Initially it was a full third longer, but I trimmed down the excerpts to the bare bone, and Megan assures me it's not too long. She's a great editor, so if she says it's good, I accept the compliment. It begins:

"When I worked at the bookstore, I once helped set up a “thought-provoking read” table, and to my surprise, a book by erotic romance author Lauren Dane was on the list to include. The titles to include on display tables and end caps are determined by The Powers On High, and never before had I seen an erotic romance included, so my interest was definitely piqued."

Click here to continue reading Lauren Dane’s Troubled Heroines and Their Sexual Freedom, then post a comment over at H&H.


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