July 20, 2011

New at H&H: The Light and Dark of Deborah Simmons

Online today from me at Heroes & Heartbreakers: The Light and Dark of Deborah Simmons. It begins:

"When I talked to Megan about my Hitting the Motherlode article, she suggested I consider writing about Ruth Langan's MacAlpin Sisters trilogy as well as an article—possibly two—about Deborah Simmons, an author I've championed online since 1996.

Perhaps an article about her Regency-set historicals, including The Vicar's Daughter, The Last Rogue, The Devil Earl, and The Gentleman Thief and another on her lengthy De Burgh family series? But what about Simmons' jumping the shark in more recent years, after being dropped by Harlequin before finishing the Medieval De Burgh series?"

Click here to continue reading The Light and Dark of Deborah Simmons, then post a comment over at H&H.


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