July 13, 2011

New at H&H: Hitting the Motherlode

Online today from me at Heroes & Heartbreakers: Hitting the Motherlode. It begins:


"While waiting an hour and a half for Rihanna to perform Friday night at the American Airlines Center (we thought we were getting Cee Lo Green too, but he’s a diva and cancelled half the tour, so now his ab fab song Fuck You has taken on entirely new meaning), I got a wild hair and typed 'Ruth Langan' while playing around with my Kindle phone app. Imagine my surprise to discover that Amazon was offering a bundle of five (count ’em, five) of her Highland books from the 90s for $9.99, including the three I’d read and recommended multiple times throughout the years at AAR—Highland BarbarianHighland Heather, and Highland Fire. After that bit of excitement, which included my purchasing the bundle on the spot, I made a date with myself to later check and see what other 90s Harlequin Historicals might now be available digitally.

"This weekend I hit the motherlode..."

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