July 7, 2011

New at H&H: Girl Power

Online today from me at Heroes & Heartbreakers: Girl Power.

Some time ago Megan Frampton and I developed a list of possible blog ideas for me to write about. The point being: not to rehash too many of the topics I'd written about back in the day of Laurie Likes Books. The list included: Clubbing It, my title for the paranormal nigh clubbing article that went online as "A Party to Die For" in mid-May; several Fresh Meat articles; "Look Me in the Eye," posted June 20th; falling in love while honeymooning; and heroine super powers. I'm struggling with the honeymooning article (can't seem to recall any romances that fit), but just now, "Girl Power," about heroines who develop super powers in urban fantasy/urban fantasy romances, went online at H&H.

I'd love for you to read it, then post a comment over at H&H. Meanwhile, I'm reading Angela Knight's January Mageverse release (I lost track of time in January, but in recent years have read each release right upon publication), then plan to read an arc of her August Mageverse book in preparation for at least a Fresh Meat and very possibly a series overview. Also on tap for today: writing a review for PW of book number four in a series for which I earlier reviewed book number three...and didn't really care for. This time around, though, I'm a happier camper.


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