July 29, 2011

My Favorite Authors

Back in the day I charted the authors who'd written multiple Desert Isle Keepers. I thought it might be fun to change it slightly. This new chart includes all authors with at least one DIK, and if they have [only] one DIK, they must also have two B+ reads. I may also do another chart of the next rung "down"—one DIK and [just] one B+/multiple B's (think Madeline Hunter), or authors with lots of B range grades (such as MaryJanice Davidson or Calvin Trillin), mostly at the upper end (like Anne Rivers Siddons). I'm also considering a chart of authors with the widest variation of grades, like Catherine Coulter, who has lots of DIKs, but also many D's/F's.

In the chart that follows, if you see this color, it refers to an addition over the original chart, and includes individual books, authors, and the entire "B+" column.

My Favorite Authors
(if only one DIK, than also two B+s)
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb Born in Fire
Chesapeake Blue
Jewels of the Sun
Sea Swept
Ceremony in Death
Naked in Death
Portrait in Death
Promises in Death
Rapture in Death
Seduction in Death
Survivor in Death
Betrayal in Death
Born in Ice
Creation in Death
Divided in Death
Glory in Death
Imitation in Death
Inner Harbor
Judgment in Death
A Little Magic
One Man's Art
Origin in Death
Playing the Odds
Purity in Death
The Pride of Jared McKade
Reunion in Death
Rising Tides
Julie Garwood The Bride
The Gift
Honor's Splendour
Lion's Lady
The Prize
Rebellious Desire
Saving Grace
The Secret
Gentle Warrior
Catherine Coulter Calypso Magic
Midsummer Magic
Moonspun Magic
Night Fire
The Sherbrooke Bride
The Courtship
Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire
The Queen of the Damned
The Witching Hour
Blackwood Farm
The Vampire Lestat
Anne Stuart Breathless
Ice Storm
A Rose at Midnight
To Love a Dark Lord
Black Ice
Cold as Ice
Kathryn Lynn Davis All We Hold Dear
Somewhere Lies the Moon
Too Deep for Tears
Mary Alice Monroe The Beach House
Swimming Lessons
Time Is a River
Deborah Simmons The Last Rogue
The Vicar's Daughter
The Devil Earl
The Gentleman Thief
Jillian Hunter Fairy Tale
The Seduction of an English Scoundrel
Julia Quinn How To Marry a Marquis
It's in His Kiss
Katherine Sutcliffe Dream Fever
A Fire in the Heart
My Only Love
Connie Brockway All Through the Night
My Dearest Enemy
Christina Dodd My Favorite Bride
A Well-Pleasured Lady
Mary Balogh A Secret Affair The Ideal Wife
The Obedient Bride
The Temporary Wife
Ann Brasheres Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Forever in Blue
Girls in Pants
The Second Summer
Elizabeth Lowell Too Hot to Handle Chain Lightning
Only Mine
Winter Fire
Gail Carriger Soulless Changeless
Linda Howard To Die For Drop Dead Gorgeous
Duncan's Bride
Johanna Lindsey Prisoner of My Desire Man of My Dreams
Once a Princess
Christopher Moore A Dirty Job Bloodsucking Fiends

Whaddya think?

BTW, Goodreads and my tags at Goodreads made this an easy task as I have a tag for Desert Isle Keepers, and separate my B+'s from other B's by star (4=B+, 3=B/B-)


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