June 5, 2011

TomTom Go 2435 TM

TomTom Go 2435 TM

Read my attempt at installing and using this special Lifetime Map Updates TomTom at Amazon Vine.

P.S. It wasn't fun.



Carolyn said...

I bought a TomTom once. I had an issue kind of like yours. The very same day I took it back to the store and bought a Garmin (which was the brand I'd had before).

I hate it when things don't work. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, the new Garmin worked like a charm. I shouldn't have tried to save a few bucks.

Laurie Gold said...

Ack...I had high homes for that TomTom.

Although I'm not one who needs a single device that does EVERYTHING, more and more I appreciate my phone. Just last night I made sure I'd downloaded a Kindle short story so that I'd have something to read on the train home from the game. Turns out I didn't need to because we were jammed in like sardines, but it was nice to have it regardless. As long as I've got a car charger for it, I'm okay with Google Maps.