June 12, 2011

Bill Maher Brilliant This Week

I just finished showing my husband @BillMaher and @janemarielynch reenacting the cyber exchange between Congressman Anthony Weiner and a blackjack dealer in Vegas. If you've not seen The Weinerlogues as read by Mahaer and Lynch, you've missed something brilliant.

That wasn't all that caught my eye when I finally got the chance this afternoon to watch Friday night's episode of Real Time. Although I'm a fan of The Voice, I loved it when Maher fretted that all of TV will soon become CSI: Vampire Idol, "where forensics experts solve murders committed by sexy vampires singing show tunes in front of Steven Tyler."

But what caused me to laugh hardest during New Rules was when Maher, reflecting on Anthony Weiner's cyber sex life, puzzled about what teens get out of cyberjacking when they're not listening to "their hippipty hop records." I wish I could post a video clip, but can't...if you'd like to watch this week's New Rules, click here and link to New Rules Bill Maher, All Hand and No Weiner on Kick! Making Politics Fun.


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