September 16, 2010

ZeroWater Filtration System

ZeroWater ZD-013 Filtration Pitcher with Electronic Tester, Filter Included

Grade: C

Amazon Vine just posted my review of this water filtration system. It begins...

The good news about the ZeroWater filtration system is that it provides peace of mind knowing that the water you're drinking is super clean. Our tap water measured 144 ppm dissolved solids. The bottled water we buy at the grocery store from Arrowhead in 2.5 gallon containers measured 35 ppm. The water filtered using ZeroWater measured not quite zero the first time, but subsequently the electronic tester did show "000". More good news? The pitcher fit in our refrigerator just fine and the nifty press-button dispenser at the bottom of the pitcher worked as advertised. On the other hand...

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