September 27, 2010

Reckless by Anne Stuart


Anne Stuart

Grade: B

I liked Anne Stuart's Reckless perhaps more than I ought to have, given that the hero's ruthless rakishness desn't completely pass the smell test, but the heroine's inner core of strength, which increases as the book progresses, more than makes up for it. Stuart includes, as she is wont to do, a secondary romance in this late Georgian-set historical, and it's among her best, on a par with that in 1994's To Love a Dark Lord. Stuart has seriously ratcheted up the raw sensuality of her writing in this series, and each book features successively more lovemaking. Some might find this gratuitous - for me the term is "delicious."

Read this review in its entirety at Amazon. It is not a Vine review; I received a digital copy from the publisher.


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