July 7, 2010

Salsa Celtica & Maroon 5

Ever since Rachael discovered KXT, 91.7 f.m. on the radio, I've not listened to any other station, which is the musical arm of NPR. Their playlists vary from hour to hour, day to day, week to week, and include local programming as well as national shows. One of the bands I've fallen in love with is Salsa Celtica...here's one of their videos.

The only downfall to listening to KXT as opposed to a station that plays current, mainstream music, is that I didn't even know Maroon 5 had a new single/video. If you've not seen the video, you can watch it here (sorry about the ad which precedes it). Enjoy it for the music, and for the eye candy that is Adam Levine, who seemed to come totally into his hotness when he hit 30 last year.



Rachel said...

Laurie - I find that video totally disturbing. If you reversed the genders, would we believe shoving and hitting women, attempting to drown them, pushing them off buildings, or setting them alight was entertaining?

I watched it with Max next to me, and he saw her beating the crap out of him and asked me, "Why doesn't he hit her back?" Because he can't.

I honestly don't know why any man would sign up to do a video in which he is getting physically abused in horrific ways by a woman. This seems to promote a men are disposable idea - several times she picks off men who aren't even him!

Laurie Gold said...

Rachel -

Adam Levine is a very cocky, good-looking lead singer in a rock band that makes music that isn't filled with Deep Thoughts. That his band is successful nonetheless and that he's a pretty arrogant dude pisses off a lot of people. Hence the idea of his getting beaten up - over and over again - in the video. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek way of expressing that many people would love to see him get his ass kicked.

I'd much rather you watch the other video with Max. There's no age-appropriateness issue and the music is fun...Celtic mixed with Salsa. What's not to love?

Although, actually, sometimes at the bookstore we get complaints from a select group of grumpy jingo-racists for playing music that "isn't American."