July 20, 2010

Packing - Check!

Last night I gathered up everything I thought I might take on our vacation, which includes a visit with my mom, then a seven-day cruise on the Pacific coast of Mexico. And then I packed myself, using every bit of skill passed down from my mother, who is a fabulous packer. I, however, surpassed her awhile back, and have no doubt Rachael will soon surpass me, as I've already taught her everything she knows about putting together a great suitcase.

Today she packs. Tonight it's my husband. As for me, I'll be checking and double-checking all the documentation, making transfer reservations to and from the ship, giving my Kindle one last charge, and if my desktop has been repaired after an attack of malware so evil I couldn't remove it myself, a last update to my iPod.

Picking an every-day bag continues to elude me. I have a straw bag that would be perfect were it not so enormous. Somehow none of my other bags seem appropriate, but I'm determined to make it work as the money tree has been picked clean, not only from the unforeseen expense of my computer repair, but also from the unreturnable-because-it's-been-altered but unwearable-due-to-uncontained-bounty-even-after-alterations dress we ordered for Rachael from @modcloth. I'd have sent it back had the tailor not promised it was fixable.

Even with these last-minute problems, I can't help but imagine myself aboard ship, relaxing during the day and taking in cheesy shows at night. It's gonna be great. I'll just completely remove from my mind any angst over the pre-cruise visit with my family and the post-cruise stress of getting Rachael ready for college with just a two-week window. Although I've been ready for months, now she's ready. Better late than never. <g>



Diane said...

We did a Mexican Riviera cruise in April. I thought it was one of the toughest packing challenges I'd ever faced! Beach wear, tramping-around-the-city wear, "dressy casual," formal -- sheesh -- you end up having to take your whole closet with you!

And BOY was I sick. Don't eat the egg salad - and I'm sure you'll have a marvelous time!

Laurie Gold said...

Gotcha. No egg salad.