July 3, 2010

Heaven, BE

I'm doomed by discontinuance. The fabulous stainless steel cutlery we registered for and received for our wedding...discontinued well before we needed replacement spoons and impossible to find anywhere, eventually requiring us to buy new cutlery. The perfect skin care system for my face...discontinued, and the one I used thereafter for two years changed formulation and ceased to work. As of this date, my sensitive skin still does not look as good as it looked while using those products.

Then there were/are two Bare Escentuals products that were perfect for me: Bloom eye color and Heaven blush. I discovered Bloom right as it went out of production and stocked up on e-Bay. I've got enough to last me a lifetime, and BE brought it back into production. Not so, though, for Heaven blush. It was discontinued a few years ago, and remains discontinued.

Three things about me: 1) I love purple; 2) I love purple, but only certain shades; and 3) I'm weird. Here's how all three of those things came together where Heaven was concerned. Once I realized BE had discontinued it, I stopped using it. I had half a jar left - BE products last forever - but decided going cold turkey, and giving it up rather than using it up, would be the thing to do. Yes, that's crazy, and I'm quite sure most people instead would have used it up, then tossed away the empty jar.

I guess there's a fourth thing: I'm among those people whose make-up and blush tends to turn orange/rust if it's not the right shade, regardless of the actual color. And while we're at it, combine #2 with #4 for a #6; my underlying skin color (from under-eye circles to lips) matches "true" violet shades of purple, not plum and/or brown purples, which takes most eye and cheek color out of consideration. Even so, I've gone through all the other BE blush options I've gathered over the years, often left over from kits, and today realized enough was enough and pulled out my half-used jar of Heaven.

Then I found some online at a store using Google check-out and ordered not one but two jars, which ought to last several years. After that I went into the den to ask my husband why I do the weird things I do. He had no answer.



Suzi McGowen said...

I know the feeling well! My skin is very sensitive and falls into the blue/pink category (instead of yellow like 80% of the world). I fell in love with BE, because it made my skin better. But I cried when I found Aromleigh because they had a foundation (and blushes and eyeshadows) that matched my mauve skin tones.

I'm glad you found more of your favorite blush!

Laurie Gold said...

Never heard of Aromaleigh. Just visited site. Gorgeous product...too bad closing shop.