June 6, 2010

Dr. Hook

When I walked in the door last night near midnight after work and proudly relayed this terrific tidbit of trivia - that Shel Silverstein had written Dr. Hook's Cover of the Rolling Stone - to my husband, he knocked the stuffing out of me by responding, "I know."

In this life two things are true: 1) I am a fount of useless knowledge; and 2) My husband is an encyclopedia of music. But encyclopedia of music be damned, this one was a shocker...how in the hell had my husband known this? Heretofore unbeknownst to me until midnight last night, my husband is a long-time Dr. Hook fan.

This morning over breakfast we discussed it again...why was my husband enamored of a band whose one-hit wonder was a goofy novelty-esque song? He replied, "Because their claim to fame is a parody of their failure." To which he added, "And they had more than one hit, like Sylvia's Mother. To which I responded, "Play it for me."

Him: "I don't feel like it."

Me: "Fine...let me find it on Youtube with my phone." And I did.

Me: "They look like..."

Him: "They look like pirates. They look like fucking pirates.


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