May 20, 2010


Several years ago I had calling cards, return address labels, and lined stationary made with a paisley edging to them. When I ran out, I tried to re-order them, but could never locate the original company, and gave up the idea. More recently I went on a shopping spree in Little Korea here in Dallas and at a store that sells exotic scarves and shawls, discovered two beautiful peacock paisley designs. A little bit of this design goes a long way, however, so the small, beaded deep-mossy-green velvet shawl fans out over the top back of a bedroom chair while the longer black velvet scarf drapes a hook on a hat rack in my study that also stores my favorite fedoras.

When I created the background for my twitter page last year, I was reminded anew just where my obsession with paisley comes from. Occasionally I mentally reminisce about it, like when I wrote yesterday's blog. And just last week my daughter decided to wander through my jewelry, moaning and groaning about the "nice" watches I no longer wear but won't share with her, when I took pity and gave her an old Fossil watch that she coveted, which features a beveled crystal atop a paisley face. And then I told her I'm obsessed with paisley, which was news to her...and then I told her why. There's a paisley background on cover of my Favorite Novel of All Time: Kathryn Lynn Davis' Too Deep for Tears, something I didn't even realize until my aborted attempt to re-order that stationary many, many years after reading the book.

Somewhere among my things is another "vintage" - AKA discontinued - Fossil watch, a man's watch with a large round face entirely comprised of a paisley design, sans bevel, of course. I haven't lost anything important in years and one day soon will go on a Fossil hunt.<g>


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