March 25, 2010

Writing Reviews

I just turned in a review to one of my two Publishers Weekly editors...what a difficult review to write! I spent more than three hours writing, revising, and honing 300 words for my hardcover/trade editor. It's a haunting book by a debuting author and I'll share more info as August closes in and the book nears release.

It's the third review I've written in a week. I sent the first one to my mass market editor a week ago, and a few days later finished the first book and review for an annual hush hush PW project requiring the reading and reviewing of five books in a two week period. I'm currently in the midst of book two and should have plenty of time to finish before the deadline.

As a result of all this reading and reviewing, it may "go dark" here on my blog that nobody knows about but me - and a couple of authors I contacted after my Tuesday entry. I'm debating when...even if...I should tweet or comment on Facebook about the blog. So far doing nothing save including links here from my Twitter and Facebook profiles is the extent I'm willing to go. While I'm excited, I also remember some of the reasons I stopped writing online to begin with. Hence my dilemma, and why I named this blog "Toe in the Water" (so far it's just one).

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